Projector lamps and Bare bulbs


We supply projector lamps and bare bulbs for thousands of different projectors, old or new.
Whether you are looking for a manufacturer original lamp, a genuine alternative lamp or a bulb only, you can find it at AV Experts.


What is the difference between the various types of lamps?

At AV Experts we offer three different options for lamps: original OEM lamp, genuine alternative lamp and bulb only.

  • Original OEM lamps
    Original manufacturer complete lamps, or OEM lamps are produced by the projector manufacturer and are identical to the lamps supplied originally with the projectors.
    The majority of projector manufacturers will use bulbs from the world leading bulb manufacturers (e.g. Philips, Osram, Ushio etc.) and fit them in their own modules to produce the complete lamps.
    These lamps are produced to a very high standard and in a controlled environment, ensuring that the end user will benefit from the best performance possible.

  • Genuine Alternative lamps
    These lamps are made by third party companies using the same bulbs as the ones in original lamps, made by Philips, Osram etc. The bulbs are then fitted in their own lamp module.
    The lamps are manufactured to ISO9001 standards in a quality controlled and regulated environment. They are put through thorough testing and strict quality checks to ensure the highest quality levels and performance are maintained.
    The checks include Beam Performance, Ignition, Voltage, Appearance, Connections, and Runtime.
    So while they are slightly cheaper than OEM lamps, genuine alternative lamps still maintain high performance levels.

    Pro-Gen lamps, GO lamps and Diamond lamps are all genuine alternative lamps.

  • Bare bulbs
    Bare bulbs are the same bulbs made by Philips, Osram etc. as the ones fitted in original lamps, only supplied without the lamp module
    A complete lamp is made of the bulb and a module (plastic and metal frame that holds the bulb). On some projector lamps (approx. 1000 models) - only where it is easy to do so - there is the option to replace just the bulb part and install the new one in the existing module. This allows for greatly reduced purchase cost while retaining the high performance levels.


What about refurbished bulbs and copy lamps?

You will not find refurbished bulbs or copy lamps at AV Experts!

Refurbished or relamped bulbs are old bulbs where the burner that sits inside the quartz globe of the lamp has been replaced and the ceramics remoulded.
We strongly advise against the use of refurbished bulbs.

Say NO to copy projector lamps

Copy lamps, also known as compatible lamps are produced by unregulated third party companies using third party bulbs. They aren't subjected to the same stringent tests as OEM and alternative lamps and their performance is greatly reduced at best. There are also safety concerns with these lamps.
We strongly advise against the use of copy lamps.